Stop the Itch: Natural Remedies for Scabies

Looking for How to Stop the Itch of Scabies? Here Are Natural Remedies for Scabies

It is hard to ignore the physical signs of scabies. And once you think about it affecting the immune system, it is time to look for natural remedies for scabies.

Itch mite. Just consider it for a moment. This parasite can go deep into your skin and infest your
body where it lays its eggs. Ick! The resulting bacterial infection is better known as scabies. It is
already hard to ignore the physical signs of this condition but once you think about the fact that it
can weaken your immune system, you would know that it is time to look for natural remedies for
scabies. Quickly now.

It is urgent that you must look for natural remedies for scabies as this condition is extremely
itchy! Before you result to gnawing at your skin or rubbing yourself on the wall just to ease the
discomfort, here are the most popular natural remedies for scabies:

● Tea tree oil, although best known for treating pimples, can also be used to treat scabies.
As a matter of fact, this wonder oil can make almost all skin problems go away. It is
good to know that this oil is especially made by mother earth to balance the skin’s pH
level, attack skin parasites, and further protect the skin from future infections. To use
these as natural remedies for scabies, you can try diluting pure tea tree oil with equal part
of olive oil and apply to the affected area. You can gradually increase the potency until
you reach the right concentration that works for you. You may also add a few drops of
pure tea tree oil to your lukewarm bath. Immerse yourself and wait 15 minutes. Do this
twice a day to expect optimal results.

● Neem oil is said to be a traditional Indian remedy. As for your scabies, this can soothe
the itchiness that you are feeling. It can also protect your skin against other forms of
infection. Research has already confirmed this; and that when combined with the
turmeric treatment can do wonders for your total relief.

● Turmeric can address a lot of health problems, which is why it might do you good to
store lots of this spice. Just to be sure, get some supplements too. To treat your scabies,
you can combine a tablespoon of this with a few drops of neem oil to create a paste.
Apply and let dry on the affected area. Relax for an hour then remove the paste.
Alternatively, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice to turmeric. Use the paste to
cover the affected areas. Let dry and settle for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

● Apple cider vinegar scabies is done by adding a few amount of water and applying on
the affected area. Make sure you are using cotton swab for application. This can
minimize the infection caused by the itch mite. Do this regularly for better results.

After addressing the symptoms of scabies, there is one other important activity that also serve as
one of the natural remedies for scabies. Scout for the hideout of the mites. Check your furniture,
clothes, linens, and carpets. Get rid of the pests as soon as you can.

Written By Nurse009

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