Natural Remedies for HPV

Here Are Information About Natural Remedies for HPV

Natural Remedies for HPVHuman papilloma virus or HPV is among the major causes that leads to fatal disease cervical cancer. This is a killer disease that takes 4,000 American women lives each year. This can be easily noticed with the warts that comes out of the genital areas of a person that is infected with genital HPV infection, but may also come out as common warts on both men and women’s hands and feet. At the first sign of this infection, it is best to treat it with antiviral drugs or even surgery. But of course, there are also natural remedies for HPV.

These herbal and alternative homeopathic remedies for HPV will have the same effects especially when the viral infection is still at a young age.

  •  Astragalus. This herbal medicine is known to have antiviral properties, as well as immune stimulating effects. It is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Taking this herb will trigger the gene called p-53, which in turn will activate the anti-cancer chemical interleukin-2. This chemical is what will destroy the HPV. This herb can be availed as a supplement and in capsule form.
  •  Thuja Oil. The Western Red Cedar is where the Thuja oil can be derived from. This oil can be extracted from the root and the leaves of the tree and is known to have Ayurvedic antiviral wonders which makes it one of the best natural remedies for HPV. Its chemicals activate immune system cells that kills virally infected cells or viruses. The oil of Thuja is known of its potency, which may cause some irritations to the genital’s sensitive skin. This is why medical practitioners recommend dilution of this oil before use. But when properly administered, this oil can actually provide very positive results in just a month or two with daily application.
  • Garlic. Whether for gastronomic or as an alternative medicine, garlic is on top of the list. It has an antimicrobial properties in its allicin chemical, making it an effective pathogen killer and viruses are not an inclusion. Crushed and raw garlic can be used for direct application on genital warts to help its fast treatment. Also, if this is not possible, drinking supplements of garlic in capsules or in any form can also be used as substitute. This natural medicine for HPV will kill viruses through the bloodstream.
  •  Tea Tree Oil. Another of the many natural remedies for HPV is the tea tree oil for its antimicrobial properties. It can be used as an internal disinfectant or topical natural remedy for high risk HPV infections. The tea tree oil is expected to boost the immunity of a person suffering from the virus, thereby helping in the treatment or even in the prevention of HPV.

With all these natural remedies for HPV infection on the list, one can surely find the perfect cure for the disease and administer it at home. Make sure that these herbal remedies for HPV are available at home now!

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