10 Powerful Natural Remedy for Scars

10 Powerful Natural Remedy for Scars

Girls hate scars since they upset their rather flawless look. Natural remedy for scars are available, which does the job of expensive scar removal creams.

If diamonds are girls’ best friends, then scars are their number one enemy. Scars can easily ruin the pretty look of anyone. They can be a stain on one’s beautiful appearance. And while scars are painless, they can create great emotional distress. Luckily, there are many beauty lotions and soaps that can effectively deal with scars. But if you are one of those folks who isn’t a fan of using conventional medicine, then using natural remedy for scars should do you well.

10 Natural Remedy for Scars

1. Lemon Juice- Cut the lemon in half and then rub the juice on your scar. Lemon juice is not just delicious as a beverage but it can also work as a natural bleach, therefore minimizing the appearance of scars. On the other hand, you can also drink lemon juice twice a day for a faster result.

2. Aloe Vera- It comes with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Aloe also works as a natural emollient to repair damaged skin and to encourage the growth of a healthy skin. Simply peel the green part of the aloe leaf, scoop the gel substance, and apply on the scar in circular movement. Aloe is also a good natural remedy for acne scars.

3. Rosehip Seed Oil- This oil is normally found among cosmetics and even among scar removal products. Simply take a few drops of the oil and gently massage it on your scar. Do this twice a day.

4. Vitamin E- This is a very popular natural remedy for scars. Vitamin E comes with antioxidant and it moisturizes the skin well. Furthermore, it can encourage the formation of collagen for better skin texture. What’s better is that Vitamin E also makes your skin glow so you get its skin removal effect plus its health benefits!

5. Ice Cubes- Anyone can make ice cubes! Simply rubbing the ice on your scar does the trick.

6. Potato- Get a piece of raw potato and extract the juice which you can apply on your scar. This is a very effective natural remedy for scars on legs.

7. Honey- This is a natural moisturizer, therefore making it an effective remedy for scars. Furthermore, honey can prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells.

8. Sandalwood Powder- It is a very good option for natural remedy for scars on face. Mix the sandalwood powder with milk, rub this mixture on scars, and leave it on for an hour before rinsing with cold water.

9. Lavender Oil- The oil comes with skin rejuvenating properties that can deal with scar issues with no worries. It helps prevent scars from becoming permanent which is why it is a good choice for fresh wounds.

10. Almonds- This natural remedy for scars is something that you can do early in the morning. The night before, soak a couple of almonds on water and leave it overnight.In the morning, you can mash the almond and add some drops of rosewater. This will make a paste that you can apply on your scars.

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