Alzheimer’s Disease Marijuana

Alzheimer's Disease Marijuana

Alzheimer’s Disease Marijuana, A Better Understanding

Now that Marijuana can keep you from getting Alzheimers Disease will you get a prescription? ?

Would you vote to legalize it? In California we have legal marijuana, why not legalize it everywhere? I really want to become a serious advocate of marijuana because I feel happy using it. There are a lot of members in our gang who brings weed whenever we gather and we smoke some rolls and I feel heaven because of it. Cannabis makes me forget how miserable my family is, and it makes me forget how miserable my life it.

I really hope that marijuana become legal not just in our state but in the whole world. I know that I might sound crazy and I might offend some people but I don’t care that much because I know that there are a lot of folks out there who are like me. There are a lot of people out there who are depressed and smoking joints will make their life more complete or perfect. I’m really hoping for the best. I’m really hoping that people with Alzheimer’s can try marijuana too because it might help.

To answer your query, smoking cannabis won’t really help you with your Alzheimer’s nor it will make your life less miserable. You might believe me or not but it’s just temporary bliss. In fact, cannabis will make your memory weaker, and it’s true. You’ll know it if you’ll interview long time users. I really hope that you can cure your Alzheimer’s disease the proper way. Alzheimer’s disease marijuana is not the cure.

For your comfort, I have attached several articles below that talk about Alzheimer’s disease marijuana.

Alzheimer’s Disease Marijuana

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  • Sage Bluestorm January 26, 2009, 9:20 pm

    Marijuana has been shown to help those already suffering from Alzheimer's. It helps their appetite and also with anxiety. I am going to get a prescription for my Dad who is going through that right now. In my state medical marijuana is legal if you have a prescription and growers have a license to provide.

    I would say legalization is warranted.

    jdw – if you were around Alzheimer's sufferers very long you wouldn't say that. It is more than just forgetting names. Extreme confusion, anxiety, not knowing the house you are in, wandering off and getting lost. Calming these people down where they ar comfortable is reasonable if by using THC. And if it prevents it it would be worth it in those that might have preconditions to get it.