Numbness feeling in my leg and face after foot and leg started falling asleep. What gives?

I was sitting on the couch Sunday night when my leg started falling asleep. I got up, walked around trying to get it straightened out with circulation. I decided to take a bath a few minutes afterward figuring hot water would be a good aid.

Now, I'm experiencing some numbness still in that leg, the arm and hand and my face, more so than usual.

Now mind you, I do have a problem with my left hand/arm/shoulder anyway. It hampers me with typing and the handling of paper and other things. This sometimes makes the left side of my face hurt at times with a little drool. After a while, it clears itself up. It is like a chronic thing.

So what gives? Has anyone experienced this and if so, what is it? I appreciate all answers. Thank you all in advance.

Written By Soniamiller

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  • adam March 29, 2009, 4:49 pm

    Well, I am thinking it could be something as simple as poor circulation (which often can be remedied by weight loss and excercise and improvemente of diet) or it could be a more serious problem such as Bell's Palsy. You may want to talk to your doctor as it could be a number of things. Good luck and I hope you get better.