Please Help with Fibromyalgia, my hair is falling out, what medication should I take? Im scared.?

This weekend I have been to the ER two times, in 24hrs. I had 18 tubes of blood taken out, with neck xrays. All were negative. The last doctor who saw me mentioned Fibromyalgia. I had and still have tons of stess in my life, which may cause this. I had to quit my job, due to fatigue, tremors, and pain in my joints and muscles. What is the best thing to do for Fibromyalgia, diet, medications? What should I take for my hair loss? I just turned 31 the day he mentioned this to me. Im scared, please help
Thank you


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  • zen January 28, 2009, 9:26 am

    Hi Amy! I have a couple friends who have fibromyalgia. Plus my mom. All three deal with it differently. My mom takes downers and ends up at the E.R. twice a month or so. She has tests done without any results. The docs just treat her like she's nuts. One friend takes pain meds, downers, and alcohol. She's a mess and still in pain. My third friend takes antidepressents and feels well most the time. Her hair started falling out at one time too. I take antidepressents for my anxiety/depression and it works sooo well. I don't have a mental disorder, it's a mood disorder. I dont get enough seratonin to my brain, a chemical imbalance. The meds control that flow and I feel better than I ever have..I'm in my late forties. Fibromyalgia is a condition that screws up the pain receptors. And if your not recieving enough seratonin either, you have a double whammy goin' on. You stay stressed, stress and anxiety create fatigue and depression. And then you have the faulty pain receptors that create the chronic pain.' which have fed off your emotional state. Are you following me here? Alot of people won't even consider an antidepressent because they "think" it'll make it justified that the pain is just psychological.. When in fact, the pain is real and not just a figment of ones imagination. Just because the tests are all clear, doesn't mean diddly. I haven't had exploratory surgery on my brain, but do know what's wrong. It took one really good , educated psychologist to rule out any emotional trauma and finally tell me what was really wrong. Amen for her!