PLZ HELP 26 weeks 5 days pregnant and after i urinate i get a lot of lower abdomen pressure

it’s only after urination and does go away after a minute or two.. has anyone else ever experienced this? this is my first pregnancy and i do have an antenatal appointment in 2 days.. also it feels as tho the baby is sitting more to the back because when she moves i can only jus feel it or see it.. it’s not as strong as last weeks movements

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  • Conner's Mama March 30, 2009, 9:52 pm

    I would also guess you have a small urinary tract infection. Try drinking nothing but water and that should help. If you drink anything other than water it will just get worse even if you think it is over keep drinking water. One carbonated or sugary drink and you have to start over. Cranberry juice does not help, neither does tea. Try to avoid antibiotics unless necessary. I just had one last week.