Presentation Question, ADHD?

Hello! I have to give an informative presentation in one of my classes about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and I have to incorporate an activity for the class to take part in… HELP!

How To Discuss ADHD

To answer your query, there are lots of techniques where you can present ADHD. You should be visual. It’s better if you have a computer and projector and make a slideshow when presenting. Better if you  can make video presentations. There are lots of YouTube videos that you can download and you can also stream those videos. It’s also great if you can make a documentary about ADHD cases in your area. Additional information about ADHD are in the links below.

How to Bring Up ADHD With Your Doctor | Everyday Health
One should not be shy about asking his doctor about his medical condition. In the same light, you should not be ashamed to talk about ADHD. You should be proud to talk about a topic that other people consider as taboo.

What is ADHD? Explaining the ADD Diagnosis to Your Child
It’s important that you can explain what ADD or ADHD is to a child. It’s the same when explaning ADHD to other people. You’ll learn a lot from this article such as discussing ADHD with your doctor, ADHD discussion questions, how to discuss ADHD, and how to explain ADHD to someone who doesn’t have it.

how to tell your child they have adhd

Learn How To Discuss ADHD

TOP 10 QUESTIONS on ADHD « Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental …
These top questions about ADHD will shed a light to your knowledge and understanding.

For more information about how to discuss ADHD, read these good write-ups from Additude Mag and Everyday Health.

Learn a lot about how to tell your child they have ADHD.

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  • kugirl79 February 23, 2009, 12:00 pm

    Here is a website for some great simulation ideas you could use and students could experience what it feels like to have ADHD or a learning disability.