Prevention of Bed Bug Bites

 Bed Bugs Bite

Red and swollen bumps with dark red center is an indication that you got bed bugs bite. You wouldn’t see these bugs because they are truly small and flat without wings, but hideous oval shaped pests that feed on people in their sleep. They are also tricky because they inject anesthesia of small amount before they bite so the effect is not felt immediately. In fact, this may take a few more days before the bite starts to itch and become swollen. When it does, it is recommended not to scratch or an infection may occur or even a second one. Bed bugs bite are not dangerous and does not transmit any disease than the possible infection caused by scratching the itchy surface.

Complications of bed bug bites

The only known complication of bed bug bites is secondary infection. This happens when the bed bug bites are scratched to the point it gets irritated and wounded. This can continue to swelling and bleeding and other infection.

A more serious condition of bed bug bites may happen to people who have allergic reaction to the bite. This will include engorged marks, burning feeling on the area of the bite, and painful swelling. Rarely, anaphylactic response may also be noticed.

Prevention of Bed Bug Bites

  • Improve hygiene. Bed bugs live in dark, unclean areas so it is highly necessary to keep all areas of the home and office clean. If possible, let the windows open for the room to “breathe” and sunshine to come in. The rays of the sun is a powerful tool in removing some bacteria from rooms in our homes and offices. Dust all crevices of the head board, the bed, furniture, cupboards, and cabinets. Most especially, change the beddings and wipe the bed clean of dust and dirt. If there is a need for chemicals, remember to choose milder and safer ones to keep self from inhaling the bad stuff.
  • Eat healthy. Because bed bugs are not as sporadic as mosquitos and does not need to feed all the time, no one will never know when they will start feeding from their hosts. Thus, it is always best to build stamina from diseases. By indulging in a balanced and healthy diet, everyone can keep all negative health conditions from happening. This will include bed bug bites and the infection and even second infections they may bring to their hosts. It is also best to drink lots of water which helps replenish fluids and flush all the toxins from the body.
  • Apply or spray bed bug insecticides. For best results, make sure to follow the instruction on the package or the bottle. Most insecticides require a few minutes to take full effect at closed doors and windows settings. At this time, it is important that you are not in the area as this can cause respiratory problems which are way more serious than the bites of bed bugs. So take caution when spraying or administering bed bug insecticides.

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