Prevention of Bone Spurs

Bone Spurs

Pain and numbness where the bone meets can be an indication of bone spurs, which is a condition that may along the bone’s edges when neglected. Known medically as osteophytes, it is a by-product of osteoarthritis and a way of repairing the damaged cartilage. The tricky part is that these kind of spurs has no identifiable symptoms and in fact can be present but undetected for a number of years until another condition will require an X-ray that will reveal its abnormal growth in the bone joints. Bone spurs can occur in the bones of the fingers, the shoulder, the spine, the hip, and the knee. The bony growth can take away flexibility and can cause tendinitis and torn rotator cuffs.

Complications of Bone Spurs

Bone spurs is a complication caused by osteoarthritis. The growth of spurs where the damaged cartilage was once situated is actually a means of the body to repair itself. But the projection of bony parts can actually impede the normal movements of the bones and in some cases, may even cause a numbing pain on the part of the body where it occurred. Because of the pain, a person suffering from the condition may lose his or her flexibility and partly, mobility. The sufferer of the condition may also develop a posture problem due to the pain that certain parts of the body may be subjected to.

Prevention of Bone Spurs

The difficulty to identify growth of bone spurs makes prevention of the condition a bit hard and tricky. But just like any other health condition, healthy diet and balanced lifestyle are the best preventive techniques for osteophytes. Exercise and avoidance of vices are also very useful measures in the prevention of bone spurs. Also, it is best to get check by a specialist regularly like an annual physical exam. Doing so will surely help in keeping the bones healthy and the body strong from any kind of diseases.

  • Balanced lifestyle. Healthy diet, lots of water and rest, exercise – these are the things that matter when you wanted to steer clear from any kind of diseases and illnesses. If having limitations and restriction on food groups, it is best to solicit the expert advice and help of specialists for this kind of conditions.
  • Quit bad habits or vices. Staying up late at night, drinking alcoholic beverages, and smoking are all harmful to the health of the body. The same is true with addictive substances like prohibited drugs. If in need of sensitive medicines, it is best to ask for prescription rather than become an addict in the near future.
  • Get plenty of exercises and rests. The body needs to build up strength and stamina, which can only happen with proper diet and off course, adequate exercises. There is no need to undergo training exercises if it is not applicable. Simple routines in varying repetitions can do wonders in keeping the bones healthy and strong, as well as the stamina of the person.

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