Prevention of Bow Legs

The fetal position inside the mother’s womb is the primary cause of bowlegs. This is the condition where the knees don’t touch when a person stands straight with the feet together. In children of 18 months and less, this is highly acceptable but as kids start to walk and bear the weight of their bodies, the bow legs will be corrected on their own. In case this does not happen when kids approach their third year, then these kids will have bow legs all their lives. These instances can happen due to an abnormality in the bone development of those kids.

Bowlegs may also be unnatural and brought about by diseases that people may have contracted over time. Among these diseases that can lead to this bone, abnormality condition is Blount’s disease, fluoride or lead poisoning, incorrectly healing fractures, or Rickets and vitamin D deficiency. There is no immediate treatment recommended unless it is extreme deformation or affects the overall functionality of the person. In this case, surgery is used to correct deformity and will require the regular attention of the specialist. Otherwise, braces, casts, and special shoes may be prescribed.

Complications Brought About by Bow Legs

Arthritis is one of the complications that a bow leg can bring to a person who has it. This may be in the hips or knees due to the structure of the bones on those parts. So before old age starts to hit, it would really be a good thing to see what the medical world can do to help the condition as early as possible.

Prevention of Bow Legs

The worst thing about bow legs is that there is no way it can be prevented because it is either natural or a complication of another disease. Therefore, it is better to prevent the cases that result in the condition. Also, it is highly recommended that enough vitamin D is in the diet and also exposure to the sun.

  • Avoid rickets. A person that is not born with abnormal growth of bones can only get bow legs due to some specific diseases including rickets. And since there is no known prevention to bow legs, it will be fitting to prevent the diseases that may cause it. By preventing rickets, there is no reason for bow legs to ever occur to a person.
  • Exposure to sunlight. The rays of the sun are very helpful in maintaining a healthy body and also preventing some diseases that will cause bow legs. Therefore, it is good to get exposed to it especially before it gets too hot.
  • Vitamin D. for healthier bones, enough consumption of vitamin D is necessary. Thus, it is good to load up with foods rich with this vitamin as well as supplements.
  • Get advice of experts. If bow legs are imminent after a child reach its third year, it will help to consult the expert opinion of a doctor. The same is true if Genu varum or bow legs showed later in life due to diseases causing it.

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