Prevention of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Prevention of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

One of the most common lung diseases these days is COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. While common, it COPD can actually progress over time which makes it a very dangerous disease as well. People with this respiratory illness can experience difficulty in breathing, which all the more make it dangerous but can be avoided if immediately taken care of. First of all, though, the type should be understood. There are two main forms, the emphysema and the chronic bronchitis. The former is characterized with damage on the lungs through time while the latter is characterized with long-term cough that comes with mucus.

Prevention of COPD also depends on the situation. For those who do not have the illness yet, the only prevention is to:

  • Not smoke. People who smoke develops a lot of respiratory ailments and complications so it is best not to or quit smoking to prevent any illness that includes COPD. If not into smoking, it is highly recommended not to try it or steer away from crowds that smoke as becoming second-hand smoker is more dangerous than actually doing the smoking on one’s own. If already smoking, it is best to seek help from trusted medical practitioners who can help in quitting and therapies which can aid in preventing relapse.
  • Avoid irritants. There are a lot of irritants or triggers that can lead to having simple lung problems like COPD. It is best to keep away from all these and to do that, it is recommended to talk to a doctor who can help in testing the overall health of a person. Allergies and all other disorders should be known to ensure that they are not triggered and complicate COPD.

To those who do have the sickness though, below are some of the tips on the prevention of COPD:

  • Get the help of a reliable medical practitioner. People who have COPD require regular checkups with their trusted doctors or family doctors. This can help in monitoring the disease and keeping it at bay. In fact, it is much more helpful if a COPD patient undergo physical examination annually which will clearly pinpoint physical and internal body problems and the complications they can make with COPD.
  • Stay active. Lung problems as common as COPD should not hugely alter the active life of a person. In fact, it is a must to go out and do some simple to moderate exercises and activities. Doing so will help in improving the respiratory health of the person and thus prevention of COPD can start to kick.
  • Avoid triggering the disease. The most important thing to do when a person is known to suffer COPD is to keep the triggering factors from blowing up. It is a must to keep from respiratory irritants like smoke, dirt and dust among so many others.

Prevention of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  is a must to keep from this common but progressive disease. Doing so will also keep the disease from complications which is associated to vices that many people indulge in.

Written By Nurse007

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