Prevention of Dumping Syndrome

Prevention of Dumping Syndrome

The medical world is continuously making a lot of changes and solutions to make the lives of the greater public better. This includes surgical solutions for obesity and stomach cancer. There are some side effects though, which managed right can be treated fast. Among these is dumping syndrome which is more known as rapid gastric emptying. This is the uncontrolled condition of movement of gastric juices and food from the stomach to the small intestines. This is the body’s response to gastric bypass, Gastrectomy, and Esophagectomy. Prevention of dumping syndrome is therefore easy, and that is to steer away from these surgeries until really needed.

There are symptoms that a dumping syndrome exhibits, both early and late. People who are developing such syndrome will notice that a sugar rich meal will immediately cause abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, flushing, lightheadedness, nausea, rapid heart rate, and vomiting. There are also some who will experience late symptoms including dizziness, fatigue, hunger, lightheadedness, rapid heart rate, sweating, and weakness. This is the body’s reaction to release of insulin in large amounts to absorb the sugar from a fructose-rich meal.

The best prevention of dumping syndrome is rather easy and natural. Among these are:

1. Indulging in low-sugar diet. Because dumping syndrome is basically attributed to high sugar entering the body during meals, it is best to keep away from high-sugar content foods even if these are vegetables and fruits. However natural the food is, the sugar content in the form of fructose will still affect the system of the body and thus, this will lead to symptoms of dumping syndrome. So when in post-surgery mode, it is perfect to adapt to “soft” meals as well as low-sugar meals as prevention of dumping syndrome.

2. Keep intake in small portions. After surgery, especially in the esophagus and the stomach, the digestive system is not yet back to its regular operations. It requires some fine tuning as well as recuperation period to ensure that it will be healthy again and get back to shape after a while. This is why it is necessary to undergo a soft diet program for the time being. This does not only mean soft meals but also small portions of meals. Doing so will help the digestive system to take its time to heal and become strong once again to fully perform at its peak.

3. Balance lifestyle. To be healthy is to indulge in balanced lifestyle, meaning a life that is fed with good food, no vices, and plenty of rest. Doing all these will guarantee a more relaxed and refreshed feel as well. Thus, by simply living a life that is healthy and balanced, there is no cause to suffer from a lot of health issues including dumping syndrome.

These list of prevention of dumping syndrome is definitely helpful and help people who are vulnerable to the disorder to regain health and strength in the digestive system. This way, the regular operation of the body system is back and can ward off the disorder in no time.

Written By Nurse009

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