Prevention of Dust Mites

Information on Prevention of Dust Mites

People and pets shed skin flakes that dust mites use to feed on. These microscopic creatures thrive in humid, warm environments and can be found on carpets, curtains, beddings, mattresses, and even upholstered furniture. However clean a home is, there is no possibility that these allergy-causing relatives of spider is totally eradicated. In fact, they can only be minimized with the help of some prevention of dust mites’ techniques.

Among the most possible prevention of dust mites are listed below:

1. Always clean the known breeding places of these mites. These areas include the beddings, the carpets, and curtains. To be sure, it is best to change these things at least once a week so as to keep dust from accumulating thereby inviting mites that will cause allergens and other health problems to people who come in close contact.

2. Use air conditioning or dehumidifier to ensure that relative humidity is kept at or below 50 percent. These mites live and thrive in places where the temperature is high and thus, keeping a room warm and humid will surely give them a good breeding area. By turning the air conditioning unit or the dehumidifier, the possibility of giving these mites a place to live becomes a thing of the past.

3. Use mattress and pillow dust-proof cases or impermeable covers against allergens. These covers and cases can be bought from online stores as well as some home shopping malls. They can also serve as protective shields for these bedding materials thereby keeping them clean and nice all the time.

4. Wash blankets and beddings at least once a week in 130 to 140 degrees F. Keeping the beddings and blankets pristine in cases and covers is not enough to keep dust mites off permanently. These things require cleaning, too. And for even safer procedures, it is best to use warm or a bit hot washing water. Doing so will surely keep all unwanted elements and not only dust mites from staying on the fibers of the bedding materials.

5. Favor washables than feathered or stuffed beddings and toys. Stuffed items cannot be washed all the time or they become limp and damaged. The same is true with feathered or wool beddings. Without washing, these things can eventually become dirty and breeding places for dust mites.

6. Use damp mop or rag in cleaning. Doing so can absorb all the dirt and especially dust mites on the floor, the table, or just about anywhere that they may have thrived in. This will also be a more reliable kind of cleaning as all the dirt and dust can be swoop up in one sweeping.

7. Use vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter or double layered microfiber bag. The filter and the bag can better secure all the dirt, dust, and mites that are present on the carpet, the beddings or just about anywhere they may be thriving.

8. Wear mask when cleaning. As an ultimate prevention of dust mites, it is best to keep oneself protected with mask. Thus, it will be helpful to keep mask on when cleaning and at least a few minutes more until everything settled down after vacuuming.

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