Prevention of Nutritional Anemia

Information on Prevention of Nutritional Anemia

Nutritional anemia is a deficiency in folate, vitamin B12, and/or iron, thus called vitamin deficiency anemia. It is a health problem that is characterized with the reduction of red blood cell count basically due to unhealthy diet. Globally, this condition is widespread and a continuous increase in the risk of mortality and morbidity can be noticed. While it is primarily caused by nutritional deficiency, infection and other non-nutritional causes are not ruled out. In fact, both can co-occur. Due to the risk that people are subjected to, it is a must for everyone to adopt a prevention of nutritional anemia technique.

To do prevention of nutritional anemia, it is best to understand this disease first. An ulcer bacteria is the main cause of iron deficiency anemia. This may co-occur with an underlying health problems like gastrointestinal disorder. In fact, around 60 percent of those who have been diagnosed with this illness are also suffering from the illness. On top of that, there is also chronic blood loss, dietary insufficiency, hemoglobinuria, intravascular hemolysis, and malabsorption are also culprits. For pregnant moms, the diversion that happens to iron directly to the fetal erythropoiesis is also a primary cause of nutritional anemia.

Prevention of nutritional anemia includes:

1. Proper diet. Proper diet means having enough nutrients as dictated by the daily recommended intake. This includes vitamin B 12, folate, and iron which are the most important in the prevention of nutritional anemia. Women who are pregnant are in need of higher doses of folic acid and iron, simply because these nutrients are diverted to the fetus in their wombs. Because not everyone is able to intake and absorb twice the recommended nutrients, supplements can be a good solution. Just to be sure, ask a doctor for the right prescription.

2. Healthy lifestyle. Exercise, good night sleep, and proper diet. These are the things that will guarantee better health, so it is a must that everyone take part on a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to remember that the body and mind needs to rest, fed, and work to continually function at their best. If there is a need, supplements can also be used just as long as they are approved by the food and drugs agency of the government.

3. Regular physical examination. Annually, a person should undergo a physical examination that includes complete blood count or CBC. Doing so can help identify any underlying health issues, including nutritional anemia right at its early stage. And if there is a finding, it is still a good practice to get a second opinion which will validate the health condition of a person. For any clarification, anyone should never hesitate to get the expert opinion of a certified medical practitioner.

Indeed, prevention of nutritional anemia can be easy with the help of the above mentioned preventive measures. The list are all simple to follow and anyone can do them without too much effort. With good health at stake, surely, everyone would be willing to prevent any health problems especially nutritional anemia by simply going natural.

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