Prevention of Hemorrhoids

Information on Prevention of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is associated with people who have irregular bowel movements, basically due to the lack of fiber in the body. Gastroenterologist Dr. Steven Kussin has more motivating words to say about hemorrhoids and that is they are common anatomical features. It only becomes a problem when it starts to bleed, becomes itchy, or causes pain. But apparently, prevention of hemorrhoids can easily be done by understanding its causes.

1. Load up with fiber-rich foods. Hemorrhoids are triggered when a person infrequently have bowel movements. Now, this infrequency is simply due to the lack of fiber in the body. And where does fiber comes from? It is in the food that people eat so it is a must to be very keen on what is being ingested every time you grab a meal. Make sure that you have enough fiber in every meal you take. It doesn’t have to be 50 percent of what you eat. As small as 25 to 35 grams will surely do miracles. And there are a lot of fibrous foods to choose from, including fruits like apples, bananas, pears, and raspberries legumes like black beans, baked beans, lentils, lima beans, and split peas; vegetables like artichoke, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and green peas; and whole grains like barley, bran flakes, brown rice, and oatmeal.

2. Drink eight glasses of water everyday. Water is needed to keep the body hydrated and to keep the digestive system healthy. When the digestive system is healthy due to proper hydration, there is no reason for people to have constipation and thus straining which is the primary cause of hemorrhoids. So it is a must to drink enough water everyday, which does not only ensure the prevention of hemorrhoids but also the overall health of the body.

3. Exercise your way to health. You don’t have to do training exercises but simple activities that will help keep the colon is fine. Doing so will also prevent a person from sitting almost all the time which also put more strain on the lower veins and rectum of the body. But, it is also necessary to stay away from exercises that put too much pressure on the abdomen which in turn, will put pressure on the rectum and thus trigger hemorrhoids formation.

4. Go easy on laxatives. Using laxatives is good as long as you are able to choose the correct ones. In most cases, they work to stimulate intestinal contraction which increases pressure and thereby causes hemorrhoids. A better choice would be fiber supplements the likes of psyllium capsules which are well-known in keeping the bowel movements a lot more regular.

5. Don’t fight bowel movements. Bowel movements are like call of nature. When the body says it needs to go, you should go or else you will suffer every bit of consequence – hemorrhoids being one of those. Ironically, when you fight your bowel movement and decide on when to go, you will have a difficult time and strain. Now, you will be causing your hemorrhoids to come out.

Written By Nurse007

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