How to Prevent Scars

Prevention of Scars

However careful a person is, there will always be a challenge for prevention of scars. These are remnants of healed wounds, which are normal in the healing process. The reason why scars are very distinctive is that during a skin injury or wound, the production of collagen becomes too fast that it is not able to complete the parts of the skin. Thus, the skin that replaces the injured area is different than the rest of the skin.

Scars are different in appearance, shape, and sizes. They also come in types, the normal, hypertrophic, and keloid. The normal type is characterized by flat small and thin appearance while the hypertrophic is usually a bit raised, thick and red. Keloid, on the other hand, is genetic and requires medication to treat. Whichever type, though, prevention of scars is surely possible.

1. Massage wound. A good exercise on the skin that has been injured or wounded is massage. A gentle massage on it with the use of vitamin E active lotion or cream will be best. For best result, consult a doctor as to their recommended type of brand of massaging cream for wounds.

2. Keep the wound moist. In any type of wound, moisture can surely help. To do so, this will require a petroleum jelly. Simply apply a generous amount on and around the wound, then protect with a bandage that does not stick. This will aid in the healing process as well as the prevention of scar.

3. Stay away from the sun. The sun can have an effect in the color of the skin, even in a healing wound. By staying away from it, this can result in a natural color of the skin and prevent it from discoloring thus a more vivid appearance of the scar.

4. Get stitches whenever necessary. Deep wounds require stitching to prevent scarring. One thing to remember is that the stitches should immediately be done or else, the doctor will not be willing to do so due to a risk of bacteria and germs contamination or infection. In this case, the wound will surely heal with a huge scar like a keloid. Therefore, whenever there is a deep wound, it is best to get the opinion of a medical practitioner.

5. Allow the wound to heal on its own. Healing wounds may feel itchy sometimes, or the scab will look tempting to pick. Doing so will only prevent the natural healing process to happen at the supposed time it should, which is three months. The scab is a protection or biological dressing that when picked will only freshen the wound and thus require more time to heal.

Prevention of scars is easy with the use of the tips above. Another thing that should be remembered is that there is no scar cream over the counters that has scientifically proven to be actually useful in the prevention of scars so never let oneself fall for these creams hyped up marketing pitches.

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