Prevention of Varicocele

A low of 10 and a high of 15 males out of a hundred males can actually get varicocele, a condition that can be best described as the enlargement of the ampiniform plexus veins in the males’ reproductive system. This is basically due to pooling of blood when the flow is sluggish. This condition commonly occurs at the left side of the testicles and very rarely can happen on both due to the fact that there are more veins in it. In extreme cases, it can cause pain, retard the left testicle growth, and even cause infertility thus require prevention of varicocele.

Self-diagnosing can help in the prevention of varicocele, but it is always a good practice to subject oneself to an annual physical examination where a urologist ca do the Valsalva maneuver or the feeling of the scrotum for any enlarged veins while the patient is standing, holding a deep breath and bearing down. Another way to diagnose is to undergo ultrasound test where the veins of more than three millimeters in diameter can easily be tagged as a symptom of the condition. When a patient is found out to have a varicocele, he can be subjected to open or Laparoscopic surgery or percutaneous embolization. So to make prevention of varicocele a success, here are some sound tips:

1. Avoid above the average temperature. Hot baths, cradling a laptop for too long, and other things that directly subject the reproductive area of a male are just some of the examples of hot temperature exposure. All of these things should be avoided or at least be done in a moderate manner. If not, further dilation can happen and thus the risk of getting varicocele can get dramatically high.

2. Keep a healthy lifestyle. This includes keeping a healthy diet and activities in life. It is also advised that males should always undergo a physical examination with their trusted medical practitioners to ensure that there are no prevalent enlargements of the ampiniform plexus veins. Also, it is best to indulge in physical activities like exercises that do not require a lot of heavy lifting which can actually turn to be a trigger to varicocele.

3. Steer clear from heavy liftings. While there are a lot of great guys who have made a good name in weight lifting, especially in heavy lifting, it is not always applicable to everyone. This activity is best left to those who have the guts and the stamina because this can actually increase the pressure in the abdomen. When this happens, prevention of varicocele becomes a history.

While varicocele is not actually fatal, it is still a painful and life-changing health condition that people, especially males, should worry about. There are treatments to this but if it can be prevented, why would anyone subject himself to surgeries that can leave side effects. Prevention of varicocele is definitely a must, especially if fathering a child is an important thing as well as keeping a healthy family together.

Written By Nurse009

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