Prevention of Pilonidal Cyst

This is one is most common in MiddleEast – during my tour in Riyadh I first-hand seen this kind of medical problem.

Information on Prevention of Pilonidal Cyst

Prevention of pilonidal cyst can become easy when it is well understood. Thus, people need to begin from the question “What is this disease”? A pilonidal cyst is medically termed as Pilonidal Sinus Disease or simply coded as PNS. It is a small, painful abscess or cyst that usually grow in the buttocks cleft – topmost. When it gets infected, it can ooze blood and pus with a foul odor. The condition is common in men and young adults, especially those who sits a lot. The cause of this cyst is not very much known but changing hormones is a prime suspect. This is due to the fact that the appearance and formation of the cyst almost always occur past puberty.

PNS or Pilonidal cyst can be treated with an antibiotic, lancing, phenol injection, and surgery. While not a life and death scenario, this can actually cause a lot of discomfort to the sufferer. Common issues suffered include severe pain, swollen and inflamed skin at the top cleft of the buttocks, high temperature at about 100.4°F that can even get higher, and when infected can excrete foul odor along with pus and blood. So if PNS can be prevented, why wait for the symptoms and treatment to begin? Instead, prevention of Pilonidal cyst should be administered now.

1. Indulge in a healthy diet. Eating natural and healthy food is always the first line of defense against untoward body conditions. This does not exclude prevention of Pilonidal cyst. Also, it is a must to drink plenty of clean water to keep the body energized and the flush all unwanted elements out of the body.

2. Be active. Prevention of Pilonidal cyst starts with living an active life. People who sit a lot have the greater chances of growing PNS on the cleft of their buttocks so refrain from being immobile and idle. If watching television or movie, make sure that you take breaks by standing up every now and then and stretching.

3. Get enough rest. Your body needs to rest but do not make this an excuse to sit a lot too long. Power naps and a good night sleep is the best way to rest the body so make sure that you do both. Also, make sure that you rest on an appropriate place to keep from harming your body or at least causing pain afterward by sleeping on the wrong side of the couch or floor.

4. Practice hygiene. Adapting a hygienic habit will do very well in the prevention of Pilonidal cyst, as well as avoid relapse. It is important to wash not only the hands but also the entire body on a daily bath. For those who have already experienced Pilonidal cyst, it is important to keep the area clean and dry all the time. A mild soap is the best choice for this. Always favor a soft towel to pat dry the area.

Prevention of Pilonidal cyst is actually easy when you are well aware of its cause, symptoms and of course the treatment.

Written By Nurse007

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