Prevention of Toenail Fungus

In 2014, the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology cited that around 14 percent of the total population has toenail infection. This heightened the need to take care of the feet, especially the toenails which represents about half of the toenails disorders. While this condition may not be all fatal but it can cause discomfort to pain and even as extreme as difficulty in walking. Before worse comes to worst then, it is better to consider the below tips on prevention of toenails fungus.

1. Keep the feet clean and dry. Moist, dirty toenails are the best places for fungi so as prevention to toenails fungus, it is best to keep the feet clean and dry all the time. Washing with water and soap is great but patting the feet dry after this is recommended. Doing so will surely keep the toenails free of the fungi that get the toes infected and the nails hard and discolored. On top of the physical appearance, this fungal infection can become unbearably painful that can lead to difficulty in walking.

2. Clip toenails at appropriate length. Cutting the toenails too short can actually start an infection to happen. This is due to the wound that the clipping can open which will be vulnerable to all the germs and the bacteria that can be found in shoes.

3. Wear your shoes. It is best to steer away from the habit of using others’ shoes because it can actually lead to untoward events like subjecting your toenails to infection. Also, your shoes are basically your feet size so there is no chance that your feet will get hurt or wounded and be vulnerable to fungal infection.

4. Choose breathable shoes. Just like choosing the perfect fit of shoes, it is also recommended that each pair of the shoes is made from breathable materials so moisture can escape and not subject your toenails to infection over time. To know which of the shoes or brands offer these kinds of shoes, it is best to research or ask the sales attendant.

5. Use shoes alternately. Shoes can get soaked to perspiration as well as rain or any other possible culprits. Using the same shoes can only lead to fungal infection on the toenails. Therefore, it is best to have a spare to avoid using the same pair every day even if the shoes is not dry enough for another round of walking or playing activities.

6. Use antifungal products. The use of antifungal products can also prove to be great in prevention to toenails fungus. To buy the best, seek the recommended brand of a specialist on the condition.

7. Disinfect regularly. The fungus is living anywhere so it is best to do some disinfecting activities regularly. For best results, choose those that are safe from harsh chemicals.

8. Keep feet protected in public places. Never make it a habit of going barefooted in public places because there will be a lot of fungi and bacteria that will try to infect toenails. That’s beside the fact that this is clearly not a hygienic habit.

Written By Nurse009

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