Question for Fibromyalgia sufferers?

This condition wasnt diagnosed until fairly recently in Medical History so we are kind of the "guinea pigs" when it comes to diagnosis (existence of specific trigger points) management and prognosis.

Are any of you been finding that your FM becomes more debilitating as you become older?

I know we have all been told it isnt "progessive" however I wonder if the symptoms of the disorder are more debilitating due to the natural aging process? Has joint pain increased? Have you developed less endurance?

There has been some limited research on accelerated aging in people suffering from certain neurological disorders, and/or connective tissue disorders, and/or certain orthopaedic conditions.

There is also evidence that untreated depression can lead to dementia and alzheimers.

How much of a factor is reactive depression for those of you who have FM? Are you on medication for the depression and how is that working for you?
Not real?I am getting REALLY tired of hearing this. There are specific diagnosis criteria for Fibromyalgia.
Quote: Doctors who treat large numbers of fibromyalgia patients report that the majority of patients say that their fibromyalgia was caused by an injury. In my own private practice, I analyzed patients with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia to determine the cause. From 1990 to 1995, 2,000 records of fibromyalgia patients were reviewed. Of those, 65% reported the onset of their symptoms of fibromyalgia after a traumatic event. Of this group, 52% of them were involved in a motor vehicle accident, 31% had work injuries, and the remaining 17% had another type of trauma; included in this category were sports injuries, recreational injuries, fractures, surgical procedures, head injuries and pregnancy. Of the post-traumatic patients involved in motor vehicle accidents, whiplash injury was the most common type of trauma. FMS was diagnosed using the College of Rheumatology 1990 criteria
sorry for any misunderstanding that text that referred to "I" have analyzed patients" was a quote from a doctor – I am not a physician, I always wanted to be a doctor, but never had the money to become one. It wasnt my intentiton to mislead anyone. I am very interested in medicine so I spend a lot of time researching – and I have FMS – I feel "older" than I am, somedays I feel as if I am about 90 and move as if I am.
I started an FMS suppport group some years back and we felt gingko was helping with the weepy blue feeling but now I am not so sure that it is effective.
It is definitely my opinion that seeing as so many FMS people are finding it more deilitating as they age this has to be recognized by the medical field. (MY God it took me 3 mins to figure out how to word that sentence)

There is a doctor in the US that has more or less spear headed the research of and recognition of FMS, and as soon as I can remember his name (LOL) I am going to contact him, with my experiences and your comments and urge him to do further research on FMS and aging.

There are so many good answers and so much information given here that I will never be able to pick a good answer. (silly system IMO) Thank you!
My doctor gave me anti-depressants, I have resisted taking them until now. I was so wired all night I couldnt sleep and I was exhausted when I went to bed. So much for that idea – the anti-depressant is Apo-citalopram aka Celexa in the US
I keep adding more details, but I am really pleased with the responses & want to empathize. I have emailed Dr Rosenbaum. I hope he does read this thread !

I have eye problems, my eyes feel blurry all the time, dry – I use eye drops that are natural tears – I have problems adjusting quickly from near to far vision.

Like all of you I NEVER wake up thinking "I feel great !" Ready to take on the world.

There have been times I am so locked up I have had to roll/fall out of bed onto the floor, then work my way up from kneeling to standing. Its like rigor mortis set in during the night. 🙁

I dont remember what its like to walk across a room or anywhere without assessing if its worth it and how to move – nothing "flows" naturally.

My memory is SO bad I am scared I might be developing early alzheimers or dementia. I am always saying "did I already say that?"

Typicalnotme conditions as yours could be considered "injuries" just as other disabilities/conditions can be IMO

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  • gordc238 February 2, 2009, 2:13 pm

    Fibromyalgia remains a catch all term for doctors who really don't know what is going on, but recognize that something is going on. The second problem is that the symptoms can vary from person to person.

    This covers Arthritis too. There are many types. And again they may be part of Fibromyalgia.

    What is the cause? I rather suspect that the course of treatment is wrong. I believe that many FM sufferers should be treated for a long time with antibiotics the same antibiotics method to treat Lyme disease.

    Everyone assumes that Lyme disease only comes by ticks but I think there may be more than one vector. Almost four years ago I worked at a picnic ground in Northern Ontario. Every person who visited that area in the summer was healthy. Many of these people have subsequently come down with FM or Depression both… and/or arthritis.

    I also notice that many FM and arthritis sufferers were very active outdoors people before the onset of their disease. But doctors appear to reject the Lyme culprit because they assume that mites/ticks are the only vector.

    I think that one vector is mosquitoes but that they are only carriers for a short period like a day. The big key is that there is deer naturally existing in the immediate and local habitat.

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