Really embarrassing question about anal bleeding?

Okay, well I find this very embarrassing but I really want to know what’s going on. I’ve looked things up online and everything and I cannot find a diagnosis. Hemorrhoids, fissures, constipation, and serious issues with this have been ruled out. Can anyone figure this out? I’m putting symptoms below…

-Hurts during bowel movements, but literally as soon as I’ve stopped pooping, it stops hurting. Never any pain except when pooping.
-Every bowel movement I bleed, (a week or so now), but not a lot. Just a few streaks. Not drops, but it doesn’t drip out.
-The blood is a bright, rich red
-Once my bowel movement is over, I instantly stop bleeding
-No blood in stool
-Stool is firm
-No cramps
-No constipation (I can poop fine)
-No blood ever in my underwear

Basically I only suffer pain and bleeding while pooping, then once I’ve done my business it’s like nothing has ever happened. My anus doesn’t bother me any time other than when I’m having a bowel movement, and seriously, a second after I’m done, it’s like it never happened. So no anal itching, I don’t feel any bumps around the area, etc. etc.

Anyone know??

Oh, and I don’t want to go to a doctor yet. I find it very embarrassing to talk about. And please, no alarming answers that will freak me out. Please be serious and think about your answer before posting it.

I know it's not a fissure. Fissures usually hurt more, and are worse than what I'm experiencing. I know also it isn't hemorrhoids because hemorrhoids itch, cause bumps, and many other things I don't have at all.

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  • February 11, 2009, 5:01 pm

    i have the same symptoms as u. dont feel embarrassed.
    i did go to the doctor and found out i had IBS (irratable bowel syndrome)
    he gave me some liquid to take (NOT a laxative) it softens the stools.
    my doctor told me that if you take this stuff to soften the stool then it shouldnt hurt as much/bleed.
    sometimes when the stool is firm its not always a good thing.
    it worked for me huni.
    i know u dont want to but it is worth going to the doctor, he wont need to examine u, most he will do is feel your belly.
    hope this helps.