Regarding Drug And Alcohol Abuse-Do You Think There Are Certain People Who Migrate Toward Certain Drugs?

You know they say that most people use substances to fill some kind of void or to escape things of their past. I was just wondering if maybe certain personalities would be attracted to heroin more than cocaine or alcohol. Do you think it matters what the substance is as long as they have one?

To answer your query, there are people who are contented with excessive drinking to forget their miseries. They might think that they won’t be involved in drugs or any kind of substance abuse but they are prone to that. There will be moments where being drunk isn’t enough to cover all the pain and they’ll be open to the idea of experimenting.

Alcohol Abuse Can Lead To Drug Abuse

Alcohol Abuse Can Lead To Drug Abuse

It doesn’t matter what substance or alcohol that a person is devouring right now because it is a downward spiral. If a person is damaging his body, then it’s not right however he look at it. It’s natural for any person who’s abusing his body to damage it further. That’s why you need to stop alcohol abuse in case you can’t control binge drinking.

Alcohol Abuse Is Only the Beginning

How Can Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Affect Your Life? | Mental …
Simple drinking will lead to addiction. Alcohol abuse during weekends can become frequent. Sooner you might find yourself taking illegal substances and recovery can be too late.

Facing Challenges in Recovery – Alcohol Rehab
Recovering from alcohol abuse is a challenge. In case you already know that you have a problem, you should take your situation seriously and talk about your plight to people who care for you.

Substance Abuse Among Older Adults: Treatment Improvement Protocol
Know about the beginning signs of alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse treatment, alcohol abuse symptoms, effects of alcohol abuse, alcohol abuse definition, and physical symptoms of alcohol abuse.

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Watch This Video For It Might Enlighten You To Stop Alcohol Abuse And Live A More Functional Life.

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  • parkermbg February 6, 2009, 9:08 pm

    most addicts i have known have admitted to having a drug of choice, but if they can't get their favorite-they'll do whatever they can to stay high. i don't know about certain personalities being attracted etc. but its an interesting point to consider. i have seen different social mores effect what some people choose to use (like the little old lady who only drank wine because beer and liquor were not ladylike).

    does it matter what substance? like i already stated—the whole preference thing-so it matters a bit, but any port in a storm!!!

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