Do U Think Everyone Has A Certain Amount Of ADHD?

All Of Us Have ADHD I’m wondering if all of us has ADHD or can have one in the future. All of us need attention but in different intensities, and in one point or another we are hyper in our life. Even

Is ADD/ADHD A Real Disease?

Is ADD/ADHD a genuine malady? My son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The school wants him to take medicine. I am not sure about medicating my son. Are the schools taking away the individuality of the children? Should I

Am I Really Mentally Sick? Is This Actually Full Mental Retardation?

Having ADHD doesn’t mean that you’re retarded I have ADHD which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. i wanted to know if that means I’m retarded. fully that is. PS: i don’t have down syndrome or anything, just that. PPS Side Question: i was told retarded

Is Refined Sugar Connected To ADHD?

Refined Sugar And ADHD Hi. Please help. I just want to know if refined sugar is connected to ADHD To answer your query, sugar isn’t connected with ADHD and it is dangerous to your health. Encourage your kids and beloved ones to stay away

Are ADHD Babies More Active In Utero?

ADHD Babies In Utero If a baby is extremely active in utero will it be more likely to have attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders than a baby who is less active in utero? We can’t really say that. Even the topmost doctors

ADHD, A Major Concern In The United States

ADHD prevalence in America ADHD Is A Concern In The U.S Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a growing concern in the United States. How does ADHD differ from disruptive behavior disorder? How can these two disorders affect a classroom? Do you believe doctors

My Child Is Hyper But His Teacher Says His Academic Is Good

My son is 6 years old (he will be in grade 1 in the fall) and his teacher says I should meet with him and the resource teacher early next week to discuss my child being hyper. His teacher said

Name For Our ADHD Support Group?

Okay, I need everyone’s help naming our new Support Group. We meet in Massac County, Illinois. Our group wants to offer support, information and advocacy training to parents in our County/School District. (Massac Co. Unit 1 School District). We are

Advise For A Friend With ADHD

I have a very good friend of mine who he hit his head a lot times and he have some Adult ADHD (attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder), chemical unbalance, selecting short memory, etc. He was a model/athlete, he is very talented

An ADHD Children Joke

Not very good at jokes but a friend told me this and I thought it was excellent – you may have already heard it. How many children with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) does it take to change a light-bulb? tell you the