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Do U Think Everyone Has A Certain Amount Of ADHD?

All Of Us Have ADHD I’m wondering if all of us has ADHD or can have one in the future. All of us need attention but in different intensities, and in one point or another we are hyper in our life. Even

What Is ADD-H, Is It The Same As ADHD?

Is add-h the same as ADHD or is add-h attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity? I know what ADD is, I am asking if ADD-H is the same as ADHD. I can’t figure out if ADD-H means attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity or

Why Do People Think People With ADHD Are Retarded?

Help me out here. I know someone with the mental disorder, and she acts “differently” but she is ranked third in her class, thanks to her good grades. But she is sometimes harassed by people who call her a “retard”