alcohol abuse treatment

What Is The Best Treatment Program For Alcohol Abuse/Dependance?

To answer your query, there are various treatment programs for people who have alcohol abuse problem. They are group counseling, individualized drug counseling, outpatient treatment programs, and short-term residential treatment. But still, the best treatment that an alcohol dependent can

What Other Help For Alcohol Abuse Is There Other Than AA?

I have been to AA before and I just can’t really affiliate. Maybe it’s the groups that I met with but I just didn’t find anyone that I could really affiliate with. To answer your query, the best help that a

Regarding Drug And Alcohol Abuse-Do You Think There Are Certain People Who Migrate Toward Certain Drugs?

You know they say that most people use substances to fill some kind of void or to escape things of their past. I was just wondering if maybe certain personalities would be attracted to heroin more than cocaine or alcohol.

Is There A Correlation Between Child Abuse And Later Drug/Alcohol Abuse?

In other words- Are alcohol/drug abusers (past and present) more likely to have been abused as kids? If so, what is the likelihood and what is the source of this information? Thank you! What Is Alcohol And Substance Abuse? Alcohol & Substance Abuse Symptoms.