Allergies Treatment For Busy People

Allergies Treatment For Busy People

Allergies Treatment For Busy People

Any information will do. The best medications (ones that don’t cause drowsiness or dry throat but clear up mucus), food tips, products, exercises, anything. I am a lead in a theater production but have pollen/dust allergies that constantly affect both my nose and throat. I just want to find the best ways possible to deal with allergies so that I can do my best for performances. Thnx for any help!

To answer your query, treating allergies naturally is still the best way to make yourself comfortable because you won’t have a dry throat and you won’t feel drowsy. However, if you’re a busy individual and you’re moving a lot, there might be situations where you need to take allergy shots.

And still, the most prudent act that you must do is to have a reliable physician and you should maintain good communication to him so you can chat and call him whenever there’s a health urgency.

Allergies Treatment For Busy People

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Even if you are successful and have lots of money, they’re nothing if you’re feeling discomfort because of asthma and allergies. There are allergies treatment for busy people like you so take good care of your health. For sure, you have fans and there are a lot of people who care for you sincerely.

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  • Fallen Angel January 15, 2009, 11:57 am

    Get a neti pot. They sell them at most herbal/alternative medicine stores. It's just this little thing that looks like a teapot. You put a warm saline solution in it and put it in one nostril and tip your head. The solution goes through and clears out your nose and sinuses.
    I know- it sounds kind of nasty to think about, but it doesn't hurt at all and if you do it once or twice a day it will do wonders for your allergies. Obviously it can't cure them or anything, but it will moisturize your sinuses- good to prevent an infection- and clear irritants out of your nose.
    For your throat I would recommend sucking on a throat drop, like Halls or something. It will help your sore throat. If that's the problem. If it's postnasal drainage, that's what the neti pot is for.