Tips on Prevention of Nipah Virus

Prevention of Nipah Virus

Nipah virus initially became a scare in 1999 when a respiratory outbreak among Malaysian and Singaporean pig farmers. The name was taken from a Malaysian Peninsula village, Sungai Nipah, where the illness was first known about. Nipah Virus or NiV is closely related to Hendra virus, which hinted authorities to single out bats. The genus Pteropus or flying foxes were eventually pinpointed as the NiV reservoir. Symptoms of this sickness includes encephalitis, respiratory problems, and high fever with headache. It can also come with disorientation, drowsiness, and mental confusion, which can eventually lead to coma in just 24 to 48 hours from on-set. The most prone to illness are pigs and their farmers but contact with those affected can easily cause transfer of illness.

Tips on prevention of Nipah Virus

1. Avoid close contact with pigs. Unless you are a pig farmer, then this is going to be a difficult task for you. You need to be very careful with what you buy in the market, even processed pork meats can be a cause of alarm so be very keen when buying the meat. If possible abstain from eating those meats for the time being and redirect your attention to healthier and more nutritional foods.

But if you are a pig farmer, you don’t have to kill your business. Instead, you have to reinforce sanitation in the design, processes and operation of the business. If it comes to that, a little renovation on the design and style of the farm would be good to keep the pigs healthy and thus the entire population in the farm to be healthy.

2. Avoid close contact with those who have the illness. Nipah Virus is a highly contagious disease so be well aware of those who are diagnosed of the disease. To be safe, make sure you avoid using others things or sharing your things to anyone whom you are not confident is safe. This will include your hairbrush and bath soap.

3. Steer clear from places where outbreak is known. If you love to travel and is easy to be intrigued by current events, it is best for you to stay away from places or areas where an outbreak of the disease has been known. This will keep you safe from the contagious disease as well as from becoming a carrier of the disease when you go back to your place.

4. Live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. There is nothing better than to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle – good food, enough rest, and exercise. All these things will do your health good and prevent any kind of diseases to whip your way. Whether it is a Nipah Virus or any kind of viral infection, it pays to have a strong stamina and healthy body. Thus, indulge in a good diet, plenty of water, sufficient rest, and of course, exercise.

Prevention of Nipah virus can be done if you are well aware of the causes and symptoms of the disease, as well as disciplined enough to follow the above mentioned tips.

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