Top 7 Foods That Cause Acne

Acne is caused by many different things. Sometimes, it is caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, or it may be caused by our diets. Is it really true that there are foods that cause acne? What are we supposed to do with them? Read more about what causes acne.

Acne can be prevented so it is advised to take that precaution than to treat it. So, here are some truths about foods that cause acne.

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Top 9 Foods that Cause Acne:


  1. Milk
foods that cause acne milk

Skim milk is a food or maybe, a culprit beverage in line with having acne breakouts. Researchers believe that people who drink milk for at least two times a day are riskier to acquire acne. Milk contains substances like insulin growth factor-1 and many others. But, to some, a reaction such as increased oily substance and sebum production happen and this reaction results in more clogged pores. Acne likes to be implanted in body parts with those characteristics.

If you experience this scenario, better observe. If milk is really a part of your daily life, might as well prefer almond milk rather than dairy milk. There’s no harm in trying; maybe it can help your skin become better.


  1. Ice Cream
foods that cause acne icecream

Yup, as sweet as it sounds, things can get bitter as ice cream is one of the foods that cause acne. Because it is high in sugar and dairy, it makes us prone to acne. Sugar can make your acne more serious–it causes skin inflammation.

Are you ready to give up on this lusciously good and yummy best friend of yours?


  1. Potato Chipsfoods that cause acne potato chips

These junk foods are acne causing foods. They are carbs on chips and are considered to have a high glycemic index. A high glycemic index causes inflammation to the skin that may lead to breakouts.

If you are craving for a snack, choose peanuts over these junk foods. They are healthier in many ways.


  1. Chocolate
foods that cause acne chocolate

Does chocolate cause acne? No research actually proves this myth yet. Some say it does because of its high sugar content and sugar, as we all know, is one of the biggest culprits of an acne breakout. Resorting to a darker chocolate can be a solution for the chocolate lovers out there. Also, taking everything in moderation is not bad. There’s no need to say goodbye to your go-to treat. Just remember that it’s all about moderation.


  1. Cookies
foods that cause acne cookies

Containing carbs, high in sugar, and having dairy—you ought to wave goodbye to this treat. The ingredients are to turn you into acne-prone machinery.

Try resisting them. Avoiding them may help you treat your acnes and when you succeed, you won’t feel sorry for ditching them anymore!


  1. Edamame
foods that cause acne edameme

Edamame are actually good for you. But because of its phytoestrogens, these take your hormones into a great roller coaster ride which ends up with you having confused and imbalanced hormones. This event leads you into having acne breakouts and even skin flare-ups which in the end, makes it not as good for us as it tastes.


  1. Coffeefoods that cause acne coffee


Does coffee cause acne? Coffee, as much as I hate to break this to you, coffee lovers, causes acne. Coffee does not only increase your chances of having acne. If you already have one, there are bigger chances that they may get worse.

  • Drinking coffee makes your body more sensitive to different event reactions. They tend to cause your stress hormones to rise.
  • Coffee is best combined with sugar and cream, which are believed to be dietary causes of acnes.
  • Coffee may increase inflammation or the redness of your acne.


However, if you are that into coffee, and are an acne-prone person, might as well change your coffee beverage into decaffeinated and observe how it treats your acne breakouts.


These are foods that cause acne. They are yummy and releases great tastes. However, everything and anything should be taken in moderation. Anything taken too little or too much is bad for you.


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