what are possible causes of numbness in the feet?

I recently had a baby and gained a LOT of weight during the pregnancy (90 pds). I developed gestational diabetes as well. I had a lot of swelling in my legs ankles, feet since the fourth month of pregnancy. Towards the end, I noticed that after I was lying down or had my feet up for a while, my feet felt numb when I stood up. I thought it was because of all of the swelling I had. As soon as I would start walking around, it would go away. But I am still experiencing this and my son is now 9 mo old. I also still have much of the weight to lose.

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • duoak February 8, 2009, 1:49 pm

    If you keep your feet up for long time, you cut off blood to it. Also, many diabetics suffer from very bad problems with toes and feet. In very extreme cases, diabetics require amputation of toes and feet – if blood does not get to these areas the toes and feet start to die.

    Diabetics is a very serious, chronic disease. You really need to talk to your doctor about getting on a diet and exercise plan to lose the extra weight. Also need to control your blood sugar levels.