What are some good foods to eat if you have hypoglycemia to sustain blood sugar levels?

Just wondering if there are any foods that help sustain blood sugar levels better than others. I am hypoglycemic and I sometimes get tired of being extremely dependent on food. I would rather spend my time performing stunts like driving my car off of a cliff than snacking every hour just to keep my blood sugar up. Any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks all!

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  • eek February 13, 2009, 9:57 am

    I also have hypoglycemia and having a healthy snack handy has become second nature to me. I really hate getting the shakes or feeling light-headed.

    That said, I tend to have fewer symptoms. If I make sure in get a good portion of protein with meals. My Dad also had hypoglycemia and I learned from him the importance of a high protein breakfast. The term "stick to your ribs" was probably coined my some one with this condition.

    My dad often had BEANS for breakfast when he was scheduled for a hard day's work. He always carried a banana and couple of hard cooked EGGS in his lunch box.

    I love pancakes but the syrup will make me comatose if I do not have a large glass of MILK, too.

    As you have found out having a sweet drink or sugary snack will help for a the max of one hour and then you need food again.

    Foods that digest slowly………stick to your ribs:
    Eat whole grains instead of refined:
    brown rice
    whole wheat bread
    corn bread
    whole grain cereals

    Protein rich foods that digest slowly:
    nuts or peanuts
    (Theses are my emergency cache of choice. It takes just a few to keep me going strong. They don't require refrigeration. )

    meat/poultry/fish your favorite
    cottage cheese

    Keeping your blood sugar level will improve your mood. 🙂

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