What are some good recipes for somebody with severe allergies?

Learn Cooking For Allergies Today

Learn Cooking For Allergies Today

My boyfriend has severe nut,egg, wheat, pea and lentil allergies (if he eats them he’ll be dead in a minute!)

I want to cook him a meal, but i want to try something new because we eat the same things often.

Has anybody got any recipe ideas for us?


To answer your query, there are lots of recipes that are safe for people with allergies that you can try. There are e-books that you can download so you can cook whenever you want even without internet connection. You can also hunt for used books or borrow some. If you really want to cook for your boyfriend, you’ll find a lot of resources online. It isn’t hard especially if you know the basics of cooking. I will post several articles about recipes for allergies below that might help.

Recipes For Allergies

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These meals such as roasted tomato sauce and pepperoni pizza will surely delight you. These succulent recipes will delight anyone whether they have allergies or not.

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Learn how to cook pancakes for people with allergies today.

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  • Growl March 20, 2009, 11:30 pm

    Not recipes but some suggestions.

    Cooking oil: He is probably allergic to many oils derived from nuts or seeds. Rice bran oil is probably the least allergenic. Palm oil is also good and is semisolid at room temperature.

    Flour substitute: Try rice flour, oat flour, or tapioca starch. Caution: baking powder is mostly corn starch, Feather Lite is the only one that uses uses potato starch.

    Sea food: First make sure he is not allergic to shellfish. Brush lightly with oil and broil, bake or grill.

    Veggies: Steam or stir fry.

    Spices: Avoid spices unless you are sure that they are OK.

    Milk substitute: Pacific Organic Oat is probably OK. Others are doubtful.

    Don’t surprise him. Discuss every ingredient before you use it.