what are some of the main things/aspects I should know about a person having Epilepsy ?

it’s about my girlfriend….
is this a genetic condition ?
will she be able to have healthy children ?
what other health risks are associated with epilepsy ,etc ??
what would you suggest ?

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  • Pinebark February 21, 2009, 9:09 am

    Most of the time it is not passed on to her children. Yes she will be able to have healthy children although there is a chance of defects depending on the medication that she is on at the time of pregnancy. For her : She needs to take folic acid (in prescription as well as her diet) to avoid that but don’t wait until you are pregnant to start that!! You should already be doing that besides it is good for you any way no matter what your age is. Just like with my medication I have to take twice the recommended dose of calcium an vitamin D. That you should also be doing after all she will be carrying the baby around and it is good for you no matter your age. There is always a risk that she can have a seizure due to the pregnancy since the closer she gets to giving birth the medicine in her blood is half potent compared to before the pregnancy. That is why you will have regularly scheduled blood tests to see if your medicine will need to be increased. Stay in close check with your neurologist and your OB/GYN will probably refers you to a risk specialist. The heavy breathing during the labor can also cause seizures so make sure that you practice your breathing every day including when they kick you hard. Make sure that she gets enough rest since lack of sleep can cause seizures. I would look up the medicine she is on (manufactures web site) and read the side effects for pregnancy. Also look on sites such as web md and the epilepsy web sites for additional information concerning possible complications. Then i would suggest for you and her to write out a list of all of your concerns and talk with the doctors about it. Being informed and mentally prepared before the pregnancy is key. Knowledge is the best thing rather than being surprised by the worst. Instead go in there as much relaxed as possible expecting the best is what you need to do since stress will cause the baby to stress out. Then when the baby is stressed out (since they feel what you feel) you will might have to have an emergency C section. So keep that in mind through out the pregnancy since stress can cause problems. Also be encouraging and supportive of her through this time. I hope that this doesn’t scare you too bad from having a child.

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