What Are Some Of The Things Companies Are Doing About Employees Suffering From Drug Or Alcohol Abuse?

What are some of the things companies are doing about employees suffering from drug or alcohol abuse? What approaches do these companies take and what programs do they offer? Can you recommend a reasonable policy?

To answer your query, there’s a high chance that companies might fire their employees who are suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. There’s a high chance that people who do drugs or excessive alcohol drinking could lessen their work productivity. Companies also want to protect their reputation and they need to profit the best possible way. For senior employees or for some companies, they might offer rehabilitation programs but that seldom happens. For additional data regarding your query, the articles that I’ll post below might help.

Alcohol Abuse Will Affect Your Work Productivity

Alcohol Abuse Will Affect Your Work Productivity

Alcohol Abuse Affects Work Productivity

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
Even the best employees can experience depression and they might resort to drugs or alcohol abuse. The finest employers can see through that and they have some measures but it is seldom to find a company that truly cares. People should expect the consequences in case their work productivity weakens.

Substance Abuse and Work Productivity – Alcohol Rehab
It is definite that a person’s work productivity will lessen once he becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. People who are having a problem with drug or alcohol abuse should get help immediately.

The effects of problem drinking in the workplace – IAS
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  • Greshnab January 14, 2009, 4:17 am

    most companies offer an employee assistance program that will have a certain number of free counseling sessions per year that are confidential.. most insurance companies cover rehab/detox.

    due to the litigious nature of our society there really isn’t much the company can do without facing a lawsuit.. so they let their insurance carriers handle the issue.