What are some practical ways to avoid severe conditions of Hypoglycemia?

My g-friend suffers severe conditions of hypoglycemia such as becoming incoherent and lethargic. What should I do when this occurs and what are things she can do to prevent these symptons before they occur.

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • jadryn8888 January 14, 2009, 5:09 am

    The blood glucose level may fall too low or too fast. Some people then experience the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

    Some snack and meal suggestions that meet the goal of including a complex carbohydrate, a protein source and fat include:

    yogurt and fruit
    cottage cheese and crackers
    turkey, cheese slices and veggies on a salad
    salad with beans added
    peanut butter and crackers
    low fat cheese and crackers
    bean soup and crackers
    low fat cheese on bake potato
    bagel and lowfat cream cheese

    Eat at least three regularly spaced meals 3 to 5 hours apart) daily. Include snacks if needed. Eat at the same time each day. Avoid skipping meals. This can be accomplished without weight gain by staying at a healthy caloric intake (distribute total calories throughout the day). Avoid sugar and foods and beverages containing sugar, especially on an empty stomach. An occasional sweet food consumed in a small amount with a meal may be tolerated.

    Include at each meal or snack:

    Complex carbohydrate: fruit,vegetable,starch or grain product.
    Protein source: lowfat meat, lowfat dairy product, legume, peanut butter.
    Fat source: oil, margarine,lowfat mayonnaise (fats may be hidden in carbohydrate and protein). Use these fats sparingly. Distribute meals and snack calories as evenly as possible throughout the day.
    Limit alcohol. Drink alcohol only with food and only with health care providers approval.

    Avoid caffeine (in coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolate)

    Eat 1 to 3 hours before exercise. Extra calories may be needed before exercise to compensate for calories burned.