What Are Some Questions You Would Put On A Teen Alcohol Abuse Survey?

To answer your query, some of the questions that I might ask are:

1. What are the reasons that you drink?
2. Do you consider yourself an alcoholic?
3. Do you imagine yourself sober? Do you want to become liberated from excessive or uncontrolled drinking?
4. Are you happy in life? Why?
5. Do you believe that you can become a better person? How?

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Teen Alcohol Abuse

Underage Drinking | National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and …
There are lots of reasons why teens drink liquor and some of them are peer pressure and depression. This is a wonderful article to read and digest.

Teenage Drinking: Understanding the Dangers and Talking to Your …
It’s dangerous to be young. You can get drunk and become a young parent. You can become violent and go to jail. You’ll learn a lot from this write-up such as short and long term effects of alcohol, facts about alcohol abuse in teenagers, teenage alcoholism, teenage alcohol abuse statistics, and teenage article facts.

Teen Alcohol Abuse

Teen Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol and Teens: Learn the Effects of Teenage Drinking
Teenagers should understand the risks and dangers of being an alcoholic as early as possible so they can be saved.

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A good and informative video about teen drug and alcohol abuse.

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  • postal code April 6, 2009, 6:41 am

    Why do they drink?
    When did they start drinking?
    What is their environment like (abusive or not, social class, culture, regional location, etc.)?
    What age group of teen abuses alcohol the most (13, 14, 17,)?
    Where do they get the alcohol from? ,etc.

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