What Are The Causes Of Alcohol Abuse?

I have to do a paper on alcohol abuse for my English class. I need 3 causes of alcohol abuse. So can somebody give me some help? I would really appreciate it and thank you.

To answer your query, there are lots of cases about alcohol abuse that you can find online. It’s also better if you can interview people you know or people in the neighborhood who suffers from alcohol abuse or who have suffered from substance abuse.

Basically people drink excessive alcohol and even take illegal substances because they are depressed and they practically want to shut down their existence and alcohol gives them temporary relief. They are lonely people and unfortunately, they find alcohol as a solution which is not because it only worsen their problems. For additional information, kindly check the articles below.

Causes Of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism: Causes, Risk Factors & Symptoms – Healthline
One not just needs to understand the causes of alcoholism because one needs to understand the risks in his life and career if he become an alcoholic. And people who care should understand the symptoms of an alcoholic.

What Cause Alcohol Abuse

What Cause Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism: Causes – Mayo Clinic
There’s a lot to understand from this wonderful write-up such as causes of alcoholism, effects of alcohol abuse, causes of alcohol abuse in teenagers, causes of drug abuse, symptoms of alcohol abuse, and alcoholism facts. This might help you in your English class project.

The Causes That Lead Teenagers to Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Kassandra Castillo, published 2009, 15 pages. Download this book and read it because it will help you do fine in your project.

Other fine articles about alcohol abuse can be read from Medicine Net and The Recovery Village.

Learn More About the Causes of Alcohol Abuse From This Wonderful Video.

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  • Nita and Michael April 9, 2009, 2:06 am

    Genetic, environmental, and sociocultural factors are all thought to contribute to alcohol abuse and dependence. The cause for alcohol abuse is not completely understood; biological, societal, psychological, and behavioral theories have been proposed as possible reasons. Studies of twins and of adopted children reveal that there is some genetic link to alcoholism. However, children also learn about and establish attitudes towards drinking by observing parents and peers, suggesting that social factors also play a role.

    Some studies indicate that people who abuse alcohol do not become intoxicated as easily as non-abusers. Some research shows that the brains of alcohol abusers tend to be less sensitive to the effects of the alcohol than non-abusers' brains. Therefore, alcohol abusers need to drink more than the average person in order to become intoxicated, which may lead to the physical problems of dependence.