What Are The Effects On The Community By Drug And Alcohol Abuse?

Consider the ways that alcohol and other drug abuse affect the people living in a community.

To answer your query, at first thought, a community isn’t directly affected if you’re a heavy drinker because it is your life that you’re damaging and not theirs. Believe it or not, people around you are affected if you are drinking excessively because other people might also resort to drinking to drown their depression. And some people can really feel sad if they can see that you’re hurting yourself. You also have a tendency to become violent if you’re drunk. The articles and links below are helpful so try to give time to read them.

Understand Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Effects In A Community

Understand Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Effects In A Community

Drug And Alcohol Abuse Effects In A Community

Community Impact of Methamphetamine – Alcohol and Drug Abuse …
Whatever kind of drugs that a person is taking, his family and immediate community will be affected. Read this article about the effects of substance abuse in a community. A wonderful read and an eye opener to people who are having problems with drug abuse.

Effects on the family – Drug and Alcohol Information and Support in …
Hurting yourself will hurt your family, in fact they will feel a more intense pain. This is a must read especially  if you’re concern about your health or the welfare of another person.

Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public’s Health
Lots of helpful data in this e-book such as the effects of different drugs and alcohol on the body, impact of parental drug and alcohol abuse on a child, and drugs and alcohol abuse in teenagers.

Read these other alcohol abuse informative articles from Alcohol Rehab and Daily Tech.

An Informative Video About The Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol Abuse In A Community.

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  • Kammie January 13, 2009, 6:41 am

    The worst is that young kids pick up on what older kids are doing and so they pass it down from generation to generation. I as a mother am ready for the the time I can talk about drugs and alcohol with my son. Utilmately it will be his choice of lifestyle but I would like to have a chance to instill some values.