what are the problems of swollen feet in type 1 diabetes?

I've had type 1 diabetes for about 4 month and am on insulin injections twice daily. The last couple of days my feet have been sore and today when i got up my feet and ankles were swollen as well as sore. Lastly, my toenails have become very thick, brittle and of a yellow colour. Can anyone give me any advice please.
i have been diagnosed with type 1 diabiites for a few months now. i have noticed over the last couple of weeks my toes nails habr changed colour and texture. they are becoming yellow and brittle. now, over the last few days my feet semed to have swelled and my legs are doing the same.

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  • suzanne_una February 16, 2009, 9:11 am

    Go to the doctor, this is a common symptom for newly diagnosed diabetics. Your body was very unhealthy before diagnosis and now it is trying to get back into sync. It is not good to hold that much water in your tissues so the doctor will rule out issues and then probably give you a diuretics. Regarding your toenails, diabetics are prone to fungal infections. The worse control you have, the more you can get fungal infections. Talk to your doctor about this. They may say to wait and see if there is an improvement as your sugars get better or they may send you to a podiatrist. There are treatments for the fungus.

    Good luck!