What Are The Serious Problems For Teenage Drug And Alcohol Abuse?

what are those serious problems and what are their cause and effect?
To answer your query, without question, drinking and drug taking is a serious problem not just for teenagers but for adults as well. Anyone can get addicted to intoxication and it can become too late before realizing that he has a serious drug and alcohol abuse problem already.

Some serious problems that one might encounter when drinking excessively are health, monetary, and relationship troubles. Anyone can become really hooked-up with drinking that he can make illogical decisions that won’t just hurt himself but the people he care for as well. For additional info about serious problems for teenagers who take drugs and alcohol, read the articles in the links below.

Teenage Drug And Alcohol Abuse Problems

Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse-Topic Overview – WebMD
One needs to have a bird’s eye view perspective of the problems that a teenager might experience if he has substance abuse problems. It’s a good article that should be read and shared.

High School and Youth Trends – National Institute on Drug Abuse
The parents, relatives, friends, and the teachers of a student who’s abusing himself from drugs and alcohol should understand the problems of the teen. They should ask questions and should make the teenager feel that there’s a solution to the problem that he’s having because otherwise, the abuser can kill or be killed through his intoxicating habits. Learn more about drug and alcohol abuse facts via this write-up.

Recognize The Signs Of Drugs And Alcohol Abuse

Recognize The Signs Of Drugs And Alcohol Abuse

Adolescents, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse: Reaching Teens through Brief …
This is an e-book that has full of resources with topics such as teenage drug and alcohol statistics, teenage drug addiction, and warning signs of drug abuse. You can read this on your tablet or mobile phone.

You can also read these other teen drug and alcohol abuse articles from Drug Abuse and Drug Free.

Teenagers Should Become More Aware of the Problems That They Might Face Because of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

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  • wondering1 March 20, 2009, 1:56 am

    i agree with everything makeumon has said.

    drug use in anyone can lead to health problems but these can be so much worse for teenagers who's bodies have not yet finished growing
    i work with people who use drugs every day that have a mental illness because of it
    drugs damage the brains ability to function normally and process information normally. they affect the chemical levels in the brain which lead to mental illnesses such as psychosis and schizophreniathese are very serious and if left untreated the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia (such as paranioa, hearing voices, visual hallucinations, delusions) can become permanent and affect your quality of life. this may mean you are unable to fulfil your dreams, hold down a job, even not be able to cope with living independently. schizophrenia means having to take medications every day, sometimes having to have fortnightly injections, being locked in a psych hospital against your wishes, then being put on a community treatment order when you get discharged which means if you dont take your medication or attend scheduled appointments with doctors, nurses etc, you will be forced back into hospital, and may even be taken by police to hospital. i deal with this everyday, i see young people, lose their friends, family, girlfriends/boyfriends, unable to go to uni/college, unable to get jobs, unable to move out of home etc all because they chose to use drugs and then continued to use them once they had a psychotic episode caused by drugs.
    if this sounds scary, trust me it is, but it is also reality. you may be thinking……but i know people who use drugs and they are fine….well there is no way of telling who will be affected like this and who wont. do you really want to take the chance?
    oh and if there is a history of any mental illness in yout family, your chances are even higher of becoming mentally unwell