What are the side effects of taking hypertension medication?

Can ANY hypertension medication affect:

– Communication
– Understanding conversation
Anxiety levels
– Remembering

(please source your answer)

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  • Mrs. Doubtfire February 17, 2009, 4:48 am

    There are too many to list, including death (from stroke if your cardiac function is good, or cardiac failure if your heart's already in trouble, -if you take beta-blockers).

    But why take them? "essential" or "primary" (age-related) hypertension is a complete myth. It exists purely in the imaginations of doctors and the medical profession.

    Why purpose is served by taking pills -for an imaginary condition? And even if the tablets were to have some effect, then who's to know what it is, when there was nothing wrong with you to begin with?

    One thing's certain, your doctor will have another pill ready and waiting to counteract the effects of the first one! And so it goes on, until you (like the rest of the population) are hooked on popping a cocktail of hostile medications and feel like death.

    I'm 80, was on about 6 sets of pills for so-called "hypertension" until I worked out for myself that it was all hokum on the doctors' part, and threw them (the pills! not the doctors…) all away.

    Interestingly, once I'd explained it to my doctor, he now fully understands the theory of it all (which he didn't before) and agrees fully with me. He even stopped taking his own too, and says he feels great.

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