What are the symptoms of canine diabetes?

Also what are the symptoms of a canine bladder infection?

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  • schrodinger_hated_cats March 12, 2009, 4:49 pm

    In a nutshell without labwork to back it up–

    -Drinking A LOT more water, possibly eating more
    -Urinating A LOT more, both frequency and amount
    -Maybe weight gain OR loss

    -Normal to slightly increased drinking and eating
    -Frequent urinating of small amounts, or frequent squatting/trying to pee without actually urinating
    -Urinating/squatting in unusual places, especially if normally well housebroken
    -Blood in the urine (possibly)
    -Usually no change in weight

    However, bloodwork and urinalysis are necessary to confirm the diagnosis. If diabetic, the blood glucose will be elevated and there may be glucose in the urine. In a bladder infection, there is usually bacteria in the urine that can be seen under a microscope. However, there may also be crystals in the urine which are also irritating and can cause some of the symptoms of the urinary infection. In fact, some kinds of crystals are more likely to form when there IS an infection– usually struvite (STROO-vite). This is why it's important to see your vet if you think your pet has a bladder problem. If left untreated, struvite crystals from a chronic infection can develop into stones and require surgery to remove them. If your pet has diabetes, your vet can start insulin or other medication to lower the blood sugar. Sugar in the urine is also irritating and can cause your pet to urinate more often.