What can a person do about work, and epilepsy?

I have epilepsy, and I had a seizure over a month ago at work. The plant manager said If I keep having them I couldn't work there. The only way I was able to staay was because I had a doctor's permission slip. I work in a machine shop (so I can see their point of view) but, I highly doubt I will be able to find a job with similar pay (I lucked out with this one, 10 yrs. ago) and my bills are reliuant upon my current income. Am I shit out of luck?
P.S> I has a seiz, last night at work
I meant to put this in health section (diseases)
I think, that if you aren't allowed to make a living in your current field (your current job) the government should base disability on that income…..greedy bastords!
Some expenses I can't cut out. ie; child support. It's hard to make it right now, forget about a lower income.

Written By Nurse007

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  • Go Bears! February 16, 2009, 1:58 pm

    You should see a doctor and make sure you are ok to be working in your field. As an employer, I would be hesitant to keep you on because it sounds like you could really get injured. You need to cut out some of your expenses because it seems very likely to me that you will be needing to find a new position.

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