What Can Hyperkalemia Lead To?

Potassium is critical for the normal functioning of the muscles, heart, and nerves. … Normal blood levels of potassium are critical for maintaining normal heart electrical rhythm. Both low blood potassium levels (hypokalemia) and high blood potassium levels (hyperkalemia) can lead to abnormal heart rhythms. Read here…

This Video Shows Hyperkalemia Explained Clearly – Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances


How Do You Lower Your Potassium?

To help keep your potassium levels within normal range, your doctor may recommend the following:

  • Following a low-potassium diet, if needed. …
  • Try avoiding certain salt substitutes. …
  • Avoiding herbal remedies or supplements. …
  • Taking water pills or potassium binders, as directed by your healthcare provider.
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Hyperkalemia Can Lead To:

Hyperkalemia Can Lead To

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