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Understand Everything About Dog Allergies Today

Understand Everything About Dog Allergies Today

For the last few days my six month old small dog (shitzu x chihuahua with dominant characteristics of a tibetan terrier) has had runny eyes and occasional sneezing. I’m not a dog expert, but I think he may have allergies. He is going to the vet on Tuesday to get checked out. What can I do to keep him comfortable in the meantime?
Hmm…not take him outside? Sounds a bit cruel. On top of that, where’s he supposed to “go”? On my carpet? I don’t think so.

He does have a vet appointment, so I don’t want to medicate him. I don’t know anything about veterinary science and I certainly don’t want to hurt my special boy! I’ll just let the vet tell me what meds to give him if he indeed needs meds. I’m looking for some things I can do for him that don’t involve meds to keep him comfortable in the meantime.

To answer your query, if you aren’t cozy with the pieces of advice from your veterinarian, you can always find another vet for a second opinion. It’s better to cure your puppy with allergies naturally but there are cases where your furry friend might need medication. It could be allergies or dry skin. To make sure that your dog will be alright, you should do additional research. I’ll post several links below which might help.

Cure For Dog Allergies

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  • sophylakes March 2, 2009, 4:21 pm

    chi x shih cross with tibetan terrier characteristics??? oh boy what a horror show….. runny eyes is characteristic of the shih and chi… not allergies…. many small dogs sneeze just because….