What do I do about my Type 1 Diabetes & Swollen Ankles?

I'm hoping for some advice from someone in a medical profession or someone who's been here before…

I have had Type 1 diabetes for about 17 years. I am using an insulin pump and Humalog insulin. I have had problems with my ankles and feet swelling, but my most recent lab tests have come back normal. No kidney problems, no thyroid problems. I don't have any pain, just a lot of discomfort and embarassment caused by my legs. I'm only 25 and I feel like I have the legs of some little old lady (no offense to any little old ladies out there). I drink a lot of water, but I could definitely be getting more excercise…

Help me out! Thanks!
Thanks for all your answers…maybe at my next doctor visit I will ask about medication or whether I should be wearing compression stockings. I've mentioned this problem before at my endocrinologist's, and they just kind of tell me it's a nuisance and don't recommend anything.

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    Hey hun,
    Type 1 diabetic of 20 years here on an insulin pump. I too experience swollen ankles & legs from time to time especially when my period is coming around….tell your Dr about this 7 ask to be prescribed a diuretic…I take Lasix w a potassium supplement to take when I take the Lasix. It works great & also very quickly….just be prepared to pee alot!! LOL especially since you say you drink a lot of water ?Best of Luck? by the way its totally normal to retian water being a diabetic due to numerous complications & bad circulation

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