What Does Poison Ivy Look Like On The Skin?

Touching any part of the poison ivy plant can cause red, swollen skin, blisters and severe itching, sometimes within hours after exposure. A poison ivy rash usually resolves on its own within a few weeks. … Poison oak, poison sumac and the fruit rind of mangoes cause a similar rash…Read More..

Image Of Poison Ivy Rash And Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy Rash And Poison Ivy

How Do You Identify Poison Ivy?

What you’ll most likely encounter with poison ivy is a stem with a larger leaf at the end, and two smaller leaves shooting off the sides. The leaves can be notched or smooth on the edges, and they have pointed tips. The plant is reddish in the spring, green in summer, and yellow/orange in the fall…See More..

Watch This Video To Know Poison Ivy Identification Tips

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