What Does Skin Cancer Look Like On The Face?

Squamous cell carcinomas may appear as flat reddish or brownish patches in the skin, often with a rough, scaly, or crusted surface. They tend to grow slowly and usually occur on sun-exposed areas of the body, such as the face, ears, neck, lips, and backs of the hands…Read More..

Image Of Skin Cancer On Face
Skin Cancer On Face
Skin cancer is probably the most common type of cancer and is usually a direct result of unprotected sun exposure. You can prevent this kind with regular sunscreen applications and protecting your face with a hat..

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What Are The Early Warning Signs Of Skin Cancer?

Other Warning Signs Are:
– A sore that doesn’t heal.
– Spread of pigment from the border of a spot into surrounding skin.
– Redness or a new swelling beyond the border of the mole.
– Change in sensation, such as itchiness, tenderness, or pain…
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