What Drinks Are Good For Digestion?

Unless there’s someone out there with a digestive system of steel, chances are we’ve all had bouts of upset stomach from time to time. For the particularly sensitive (like me), trying to figure out the direct cause can be incredibly frustrating. Most people can point their fingers at digestive problems—basically, our systems functioning poorly for whatever reason. But there are plenty of things we can do to ensure we finish meals with a smile instead of a stomachache. All it takes is a little mindfulness and a few informed choices to keep our digestive systems efficient and trouble-free.

Warm or hot beverages—room temperature water or herbal tea—are our best bets while dining. Drinking water throughout the day is also important for good digestive health. Avoid alcohol, milk, and caffeinated beverages, as they raise acid levels in our stomachs. Read More Here…

This Video Shows 5 Healthy Tips for Bloating & Digestion:


How Can I Clean My Stomach?

8 Ways To Safely Clean Your Stomach And Intestines

  1. Stay hydrated. There is nothing better than water for your body. …
  2. Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grain products. …
  3. Don’t lie down for 2 hours after you eat. …
  4. Eat on schedule. …
  5. Regular Yoga/Exercise. …
  6. Avoid fast food. …
  7. Eat slowly. …
  8. Quit Bad habits.
    More items here….

Drinks That Are Good For Digestion

Drinks That Are Good For Digestion

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