What Ends Up Happening To Your Body After Long Term Alcohol Abuse?

I’m going to go around and talk to middle schools about addiction and problems that addiction can get you into but I can’t seem to find the right answer or what I’m looking for. Anyone have any answers?

To answer your query, in a nutshell, death could be the result of long-term alcohol abuse. But of course, there are immediate or short-term effects by drinking alcohol in a regular basis. In the beginning, one can experience headaches, stomach pain, and chest pain by drinking alcohol every weekends or three times a week. But eventually, a person can develop liver or stomach cancer through excessive or binge drinking. A lot of people have already died from alcohol abuse so think twice before drinking again.

Become Aware Of Alcohol Abuse Effects Before It's Too Late

Become Aware Of Alcohol Abuse Effects Before It’s Too Late

Long-Term Alcohol Abuse Effects

Alcoholism and Sexual Dysfunction: Issues in Clinical Management
Sexual dysfunction is a major concern. In fact, it is a national issue. If you care about your sexual health or lifestyle, then you should refrain from excessive drinking or you should advice your friends who are fond of binge drinking.

Health Risks of Alcohol: 12 Health Problems Associated with …
We already know the common health risks that alcohol abuse brings but we aren’t taking them too seriously that’s why there’s a lot of people who have diagnosed with different kinds of maladies which are connected to excessive or uncontrolled alcohol intake.

An effective read that will teach you about alcohol abuse, long term effects of alcohol on the brain, which symptom is a sign of alcohol poisoning, mental effects of alcohol, effects of alcohol on the liver, social effects of alcohol, and effects of alcohol on the body.

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Understand How Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Body

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  • Ayesha X February 9, 2009, 6:51 pm

    Alex y, Alcohol addiction can be hard to control. Many people have lost jobs, family, and loved ones simply because they could not beat thier alcohol habit. I suggest you seek some help. I found a site that has addiction information and a list of addiction treatment centers so you can help. http://www.addictionselfhelp.com

    Get healthy!

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